AT&T Internet Review

With affordable broadband speeds, a developing fiber network, and high levels of customer satisfaction throughout the board, AT&T has some thing to provide for all sorts of web users.

Together with the second most wide-reaching fiber network, AT&T Fiber provides ultra fast speeds with over 99% reliability. AT&T Internet (or DSL), on the other hand, can be reduced and less reliable than fiber, but it can compete with cable.

These plans vary from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps (according to location), enough for a smaller household to continually flow Netflix and browse social media. Besides solid speeds, AT&T rankings higher in customer satisfaction than any other important cable business.

To obtain a better comprehension of these offers, we spent more than three weeks assessing five popular plans, and comparing them across four top suppliers. What we discovered is a service that offers tons of advantages and money-saving bundling alternatives.

When it's available in your town, AT&T Internet is a certain bet for great speeds at acceptable rates.


Customer satisfaction

Great bundling deals

Low-cost fiber strategy


Second year price collapse

1-year contract Necessary


The introductory rates need a 12-month contract. After that, the cost will be raised to the normal rate of $59.99 per month. This doesn't include taxes, which change based on which state you are in. Some clients could also locate a $10 per month gear fee and non-government demanded monthly fee recovery surcharges.

There are two potential one-time fees, one for self-install and you for professional install. In the event you pick the self-install, then you'll need to establish the equipment yourself. The activation fee for this is $35. If you choose the professional setup, you won't have to lift a finger, however, the installation fee is $99.

Estimated Speeds

Internet speed depends on how many devices are accessing the net and what actions you do on them. As an example, if you're just going to browse every once in a while you are able to find the slowest web available if you want. In the event that you and your partner are using the internet for different items (such as streaming and/or gaming), then you're going to want a faster connection rate. If you have four distinct people on different devices all doing different things, you may want to get the fastest net speed available with no data caps.

Fiber Plans, Speed, and Data

Growing fiber connection accessibility with competitive prices and no data caps.

Capabilities: With AT&T Fiber, you can do just about anything like download a two-hour long HD movie in a matter of seconds -- with almost no interference or information limits.

Price: AT&T's gigabit plan also appears to be among the cheaper plans on the market. With a starting price of only $70/month, this really is a low-cost alternative in comparison to other providers like Xfinity ($85) and Spectrum ($110).

Availability: AT&T continues to roll out fiber nationwide and, as of January 2020, the company markets ultra-fast rates across 22 states. But, availability can vary based on what part of the town you live in.

DSL Plans, Speed, and Data

Higher speed DSL connections provided for low to average Online use

Speeds: AT&T provides a vast collection of hybrid DSL relations (called IPBB) that range all the way from 768 Kbps to 100 Mbps. Although lower rates are becoming more and more rare, there is still a chance that the family is limited to Internet Fundamental programs (768 Kbps -- 5 Mbps).

Capabilities: For these low-speed programs, you might have trouble doing things like streaming movies from HD or playing games on the internet -- and the further you are from the provider's central heart, the slower speeds will get. For smaller families planning on gaming or linking 10+ devices simultaneously, Internet Basic will not cut it. You would be better served with AT&T Internet (10 Mbps -- 100 Mbps), whether it's available where you reside.

Reliability: Though Performance and Reliability varies by area, AT&T Internet regularly provides quality service at prices which will not break your bank.

Data Allowance: AT&T Internet also offers a 1TB monthly data allowance on its standalone company, more than sufficient for many families. In fact, you'd have to work fairly hard to consume that much info: According to AT&T's data calculator, then it would take about 400 hours of HD video streaming to reach that cap. This equates to 13 hours every day. If you're still concerned about hitting your limit, you can purchase unlimited information for an extra $30 per month.


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