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What Is AT&T Internet and How Does It Work?

AT&T, the country's largest landline phone operator and third-largest internet provider, delivers broadband via a combination of fibre and hybrid-fiber connections. By 2020, it will have around 14 million members across the country. The almost 5 million customers who have access to AT&T's fibre network have equal download and upload speeds, but the 8.7 million who have access to its hybrid service (marketed confusingly as " AT&T Internet ") have slower downloads than uploads. AT&T does not impose data restrictions on its fibre line, although all save the fastest hybrid-fiber plans have a 1 terabyte limit. The corporation serves customers in 21 states, the most of which are in the South and Midwest, but also include California and Nevada. Fiber is more prevalent in urban regions, whereas hybrid service is more common in suburban and rural areas. The company also provides digital subscriber line (DSL) service to about 400,000 consumers, however it is no