How to Create an ATT Email Login Account?

Setting an ATT email login account on iPhone, Android or any other apparatus is extremely easy. Simply stick to the enlisted measures and you can make an ATT Email login accounts very quickly.

  • Go to the official site and click the'Menu'.
  • Pick the'Internet' and click 'Wireless'.
  • Drop the tab down of'Account' and choose the button of'Sign in'.
  • Click 'Create a new account' and offer these details and click 'Continue'.
    • ATT telephone number
    • Captcha code is displayed in the box
  • Input a new email address and password.
  • Re-enter the password to confirm (the second password should match the first one).
  • Select an internet security issue and provide an answer.

After applying the aforementioned measures, you'll be prosperous in creating your AT&T Mail Login account.

A lot of users get their ATT login account on desktops. So to link to your email address from the machine seek consent via by minding the IMAP and SMTP settings into the accounts. Open email login accounts and configure the following settings cited below:

  • IMAP Server:
  • IMAP Password: The most correct password to get the Exact Same email ID

IMAP Port No.: 993

  • IMAP encrypted protection: SSL or TLS
  • SMTP Username: Your valid email address is the username
  • SMTP Password: The most right password to get the Exact Same email ID

SMTP Port No.: 465

  • SMTP encrypted protection: SSL or TLS

The correct setup of those ATT IMAP and SMTP settings will get rid of the pressure of confinement to one device. You may just receive and send emails at your convenience via a broad variety of devices.

To get your ATT emails, you want a valid email address & password along with a powerful online connection.

Follow the instructions below to access your email loginon desktop:

  • Go to the official website and visit the'Account' section.
  • Drop down and click on'Sign in'.
  • Give Your ATT Email Document credentials.
  • Click 'Publish' to access your ATT mails.

Notice: when submitting your account information, you may encounter a choice of'Keep me signed in'. Should you click on the option, it is going to enable you to get email services without supplying your AT&T Email login details.

Instructions to Access ATT mail account to Android users:

  • Go the'Settings' and fall the alternative.
  • Click on the'Accounts'. The options reveal different account types to include for free.
  • Select'Accounts and Sync' or''Cloud and Accounts' according to your apparatus.
  • Click on'Add Account'.
  • Harness'Private POP3' and then Choose the''Manual Setup'.
  • Give your email login credentials and then input the inbound server address as ‘'
  • Choose encrypted security as'SSL' or"TLS' in the given options.
  • From the section of'Port', enter the outbound port number i.e.,'465'.
  • Give your ATT email login address and password again for the'Authentication' process.
  • At last, click 'Save' to finish the process and navigate all through your ATT emails.
  • Click 'Add Accounts' and select'Other' from the list of accounts you can add.
  • Tap on'Add Mail Account' and type your title from the'New Account'.
  • Give the yahoo email address and password.
  • Enter an outline of your accounts in accordance with your choice from the'Description' box and click on'Next'.
  • Examine the option of'Sync Notes and Emails' and click 'Save' and allow the process complete.

You will benefit from the following benefits if you employ the above steps and get your ATT mail account.

  • It has a highly powerful searching tool which could examine the user's major emails by deploying subjects, attachments, dates, etc..
  • ATT filter for junk files malicious emails and email addresses. The undesired emails naturally get transferred to the spam folder.
  • It gives the freedom to send attachments of a max of 25 MB each email.
  • ATT's top priority is the security of its users. In any scenario, the consumers do not feel safe, with the support of this 2-step verification procedure they can dismiss any problem and become safer than previously.


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