How to AT&T Router Login -- Find Default Password, User, IP

AT&T is constantly providing quality service for its mobile and internet users. One instance of that is that their U-Verse. This permits their clients to have tv cable, telephone line, and internet using only one router. This is where you can change some basic/advanced settings and configure a password/username.

Therefore, in the event you need to know how to do that, this guide can help you. In the event you do not own one, but a different model, you can even take a look at our Router Login List articles. Scroll down to log into a router as quickly as 3 minutes.

How to login into AT&T Router

Logging in to your router is simple and easy. But before you move, you have to check whether your modem is now powered on. If yes, you might now comply with the incremental guidelines below.

  • First, connect your computer to the internet.
  • Open your browser and type to your address bar. Press Enter to proceed into the AT&T modem log-in page.
  • You will then be directed to a ATT login page. From here, put in your password and username. If you have not yet changed the default settings, then type admin on your username. Search for a decal at the side of the modem and enter the factors next to"System Password" or"Device System Code".
  • When a password is necessary and none is seen on your router, then consider leaving the page blank. Contact AT&T if this doesn't get the job done.
  • Once finished, you'll find your router's web interface and access the preferences.

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How to change the router details

Your modem has a default password and username. But not altering it might expose you to potential hacking and some security difficulties. Therefore, it is always a good idea to personalized these two. Let's look at how to change the default option AT&T router log-in details.

  • Log in to your AT&T router to get your internet's interface.
  • Now, Visit the Settings tab and select LAN > Wi-Fi.
  • Scroll down until you see User Network.
  • To change your router's title, click on the box alongside Network Name (SSID) and input your username. In terms of the password, check Use Custom Wi-Fi Network Password and place the code as you like.
  • Click on the Save button to apply the changes you have made.

Reset AT&T Router Log-in

There are many instances wherein you'll want to reset your modem. It can be as you forgot your password can't log into your router interface. Or maybe, your tech informs you to do so. No matter why here's a fast guide.

  • Find the Reset button on your own modem that's usually placed together with the Power port.
  • Next, locate a pointy ending --pencil, paper clip--to press on the button. Try this for 15 seconds and release it.
  • Releasing the button until the lapse of 15 minutes will automatically reboot into the modem but it won't reset.
  • Wait until the modem all and any lights are still on.


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